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Data Labelling


ALGOTRAK is a data labeling unit that will fulfill the human prerequisite function of creating trained and labelled data sets for machine learning models that go into developing Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence is an evolving technology which is getting data labelling to some of the salient characteristics of sentient beings - the power to perceive, reason and think.The human brain is a marvel that receives information through the senses creating experiences, feelings, emotions and memories. In AI, machines are trained to collate, read and mine huge amounts of data to deliver analysis and predictions far beyond the capacity of the human brain in volume, speed and accuracy. The evolving nature of AI allows it to learn to read and use data in diverse forms continuously.  

ALGOTRAK operates from 'Data Labs' in communities in India  employing local youth especially women and those with disabilities . They are trained intensively to deliver high quality data sets customized to the client's specific needs. While the training, project management and quality control teams are part of the core team, Data Labs will serve as dedicated work force for different clients, offering a great amount of data integrity.



 In this era of digital transformation, AI is all pervasive across industries and geographies. This means a different level of opportunities for the emerging workforce. With a combination of technological capabilities, just the right workforce and equitable work culture, we are poised to be leaders in this area.

Our team can perform high quality web scraping; text, image and video annotation with an output capability of 1000 units of data per labeler per day. artificial intelligence data labelling machine learning

types of work



  • Web Scraping
  • Context Tables
  • Merchant Unification


  • Image Editing
  • Bounding Box Annotation
  • Text Labeling
  • Pre-Processor Evaluation
  • Over-all Quality Evaluation
  • Word Quality Evaluation artificial intelligence data labelling machine learning


data labs